General Wesley Clark


As you may know, there is something wrong in Washington, DC today. The scandal of political corruption is causing our leaders to lose focus on the government. Deficit is on the rise, job cuts are being announced on a weekly basis, and the chances for peace in Iraq seem to slip far beyond being closer to reality.

Good news! Iraqi and Afghan Veterans of America (IAVA) PAC has launched with expectations and enthusiasm in the political world. This is the beginning of a political movement to help those at the expense of making bad decisions in Washington: our veterans battle. Specifically, our special mission is to promote veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that are taking place in Congress this year.

We ask that you join our mission to send veterans from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to the Parliament Auditorium as lawmakers. Like most countries, you may feel frustrated with the way Ham-handed, whose leadership in Washington has dealt wars from the outset, and feel the situation is getting worse. The launch of the IAVA PAC has changed dramatically. Indeed, because of the candidates we are going to be supporting, there are innovative solutions for war problems that can only happen in institutions. The conflict situation in the now.

This type of change is not cheap. Please take the time to donate now to help our cause – your help will make a difference!

Your investment in IAVA PAC is geared towards providing a wide range of activities. IAVA PAC will provide support and training for candidates and their campaigns, enabling them to rapidly inflame and help them reach those. Everyone has the right to vote. We will strive hard to hit the TV ads roughly these candidates and bring those who dare to take action against the Communists or against the veterans.

Throughout the history of the United States, the bravest and most powerful of America’s veterans. From George Washington to Andrew Jackson to Dwight Eisenhower to John Kennedy. Our bravest leaders are from the military. As with World War II veterans, Korea and Vietnam have served in the veteran government. Currently, there are conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Leadership Jon Soltz Executive Director:

Jon Soltz is a powerful leader in the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Communities and originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From May to September 2003, Soltz served as captain during Operation Iraqi Freedom, deploying logistics with the Panzer Division. 1 During 2005, Captain Soltz fought at Fort Dix, New Jersey, for 365 days, training soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also served in his own country, prominently in the Kosovo campaign as a tank leader. Between June and December 2000, Solzzo graduated from Washington College and Jefferson College with a degree. A two-year degree in political science and history.

He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. He also served as a veteran for John Kerry, Pennsylvania coordinator. He is a spokesman for IAVA (then Operation Truth) and has been interviewed by the Associated Press, the Washington Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Associated Press, and the LA Times. He has worked on media such as Jimmy Lehrer on Newshour on. PBS, Inside Politics, National Public Radio, and Alan Colmes show.

General Wesley Clark (US Army Retired) Advisory Board:
General Clark was born in Illinois and moved to Little Rock, Arkansas with his mother after his father died. He graduated from high school. For the first time in his class at West Point (’66); And joined Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar scholar. As a military commander in Vietnam, he was shot four times and won the Silver Star. He was promoted to lieutenant commander in the Southern United States and as a director of the plan. Strategic Joint Chiefs of Staff Eventually he was promoted to Supreme Commander of NATO, where he led the massacre to end the genocide in the Balkans, without losing a single soldier in combat. In addition to the Silver Star, General Clark also received the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Medal of Honor, and the Civilian’s highest honor. Medal of Freedom President Wes Clark has written two books, Waging Modern Wars and Winning Modern Wars. He was a news anchor for CNN and Fox News. In 2004, he was nominated for the presidency of the Democratic Party. And was awarded the Oklahoma Award.

Bob Kerrey Advisory Board:

Bob Kerrey is president of The New School in New York City. For twelve years before becoming president of the new school, Bob Kerrey represented Nebraska in the United States Senate. Before he served as governor of Nebraska for four years, Kerrey became an expert in US intelligence, serving for eight years on Senate Senate Select Committee in the Senate. He ran for Democratic nomination in the 1992 presidential election.

A study at the University of Nebraska, Bob Kerrey served three years in the US Navy. After getting military service, he started a food chain and health club in Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. Bob Kerrigan was a writer when I was a young man: a diary published by Harcourt Books. May 2002). He served as a member of the National Commission on Athlete Athletic Invasions in the United States, now leading to a five-year writing challenge which has been condemned. The support from the National Commission on Writing in America and colleges, and is co-chairman of the National Committee against Newt Gingrich. Long-term care quality

He married Sarah Paley, the son of Henry, who was born on September 10, 2001. Bob Kerrey’s children from his previous marriage were named Ben and Lindsey.

Paul Hackett, Advisor:

Paul Hackett volunteered to serve in Iraq as a major civilian group with the 4th Marine Division, 1st Division. Hackett was assigned to Ramadi, and participated in the Fallujah campaign, and continued his efforts to revive. He returned to Ohio in early 2005, shortly after his return home. Hackett announced his candidacy for Congressman in the second seat of the Republican Party of South West Ohio. How many days before Paul returns from Iraq?

Written by short campaign media, Hackett is powered by the power of the Internet and grassroots activists. On the eve of the election, Hackett stunned the political universe, winning over 48 percent of the vote in the district, where George Bush received nearly two thirds of the vote just ten months earlier. No second-party Democrat has done anything good in the past 30 years. Hackett recently quit politics as a candidate after leaving the Democratic primary race to challenge Ohio Republican Senator Mike DeWine.

As an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Hackett volunteered to join the Marine Reserve. His father had served in the army and taught Hackett that if he could get military service.