Discover new ways.

Discover new ways to revive wounded and wounded veterans of war in Iraq and Afghanistan to the highest levels of work and help create the best possible life for them when they return home. It is the two most important challenges faced by VA researchers.

The newest version of the Veterans is characterized by an increasing number of Reservists and National Guard members who serve in combat zones; The proportion of women. And many different forms of injury, such as multiple injuries from the blast, than seen among veterans from previous wars.

Veterans in Afghanistan and Iraq veterans can receive free medical care for any costs associated with their service in the theater of war for five years after their release or release date. They may be eligible for one dental service. However, applications must be submitted for those services within 180 days of the date of separation.

In addition, the Vermont Veterinary Center nationwide also offers outreach counseling and referral services to veterans in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as veterans from all American wars. The Vet Center recommends veterans and their families. Through major lifestyle modifications, which often occur when veterans return from combat.

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